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Traffic statistics and Cacti

I needed to have a simple way to graph/monitor the traffic going through our internet gateway, a cisco 2800 router. After much research and tinkering i found and successfully tested Cacti. The cacti website describes it as “A complete network graphing solution”.

It can create a number of graphs, including ping latency, traffic statistics, processor & memory usage, number of users and much more.. I only needed to use two of these graphs (Ping latency, and traffic statistics).

Here are some screenshots

This is the traffic on our main link. The blue line represents outgoing data (E.g outgoing mail) and the green incoming data (Web traffic, incoming mail, etc…)

This shows the response times of one of our remote offices, As you can see it shows the Current (last poll), average and maximum response time for that host. Very usefull to see when a link was down, or overloaded. If the link was dead (No response), cacti will leave a blank space for the period it was down..

Another usefull feature in cacti is the ability to select and zoom into an area on the graph. Very useful if you want to have a weekly report of the link activity/downtime.. 🙂

Cacti also has a “preview”  feature which allows you to quickly view the status of all your devices.

Official Cacti Website

Good Tutorial on how-to install Cacti on Ubuntu 8.10 It should still work on newer versions of ubuntu, i used this tutorial with 9.04.

If anyone knows of a good tutorial to install cacti on windows server, please send me the link.

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