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ATI HD 5770 & My Gaming performace

I recently purchased an ATI graphics card, the HD5770..

This card has 1Gb of DDR5 Memory, an engine&shader clock of 850MHz (mid-range).

This card can be used in crossfire with up to 3 other ATI graphics cards (Quad-Crossfire). One of the great benefits of ATI crossfire is the ability to use different cards in crossfire and still experience a performace boost. Even a smaller compatable card will improve your gaming performance!

I play most of my games at >40fps on a resolution of 1900×1080.

Cod4 :        70-85fps on 1900×1080

GTA4 :       50-60fps on 1400×1024

Nfs undercover : 50-60fps on 1400×1024

I am very happy with the performance of this card, other than occasional lags on GTA4 i have no issues with it. Very happy!

I will get a second HD5770 and test the performance boost when crossfire is configured succesfully!,697202/Ati-Radeon-HD-5770-reviewed-DirectX-11-Mid-Range/Reviews/

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