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Reset a windows password using an Ubuntu live CD

Every now and then a client will call me to help them reset their Windows password. Normally the windows builtin “administrator” account is active, but on some occasions it has been disabled by either the user or a different consultant.

One quick and simple method of reseting the user’s password is using a live ubuntu desktop CD.

Here are the steps involved

1. Insert Ubuntu live CD & restart computer, remember to instruct the computer to boot off CD!

2. Open up a console, and get root access by typing “sudo su”

3. Mount the windows partition. Type “mount /dev/sda1 /mnt” NOTE i’m assuming the first drive and partition is where Windows is installed.

4. Type “cd /mnt/Windows/System32”

5. Type “mv Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old”

6. Type “cp cmd.exe Utilman.exe”

7. Reboot into windows

8. Once at the windows login screen, press WINDOWS+U. Should give you a command prompt with admin priviledges. If not check & repeat above commands.

9. Type “net user USERNAME NEWPASSWORD” to reset password.

10. Login using new password.

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