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My Touring Gear Part #1 – Storage


I’ve settled on Arkel Panniers. Really loving the way they are organised. They’re a bit pricy, but the extra space and lots of compartments… Makes it worth it..

The bar bag will be used mainly for my Nikon DSLR and associated bits. I’ll probably also keep maps, batteries, travel documents etc in there as well.

The GT54’s have ample space for tent, spares, cooking equipment and additional food/water. It also has a removable pouch which is perfect for a toiletry bag.

The GT18’s up in the front will most likely keep clothing, and other lightweight items

Arkel GT54 right
Arkel GT54 right

Arkel GT54 Left

Arkel GT18
Arkel GT 18 Panniers (Front)

Arkel Big Bar Bag

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