ZESA Tarrif Calculator

Recently saw an article in the herald about the new tiered tarrif structure for Kwh/units. Here is a calculator to help you estimate your monthly budget with the new structure. (Distributed under GPLv3 – feel free to do what you like with it) https://github.com/wraythezw/zw-zesa-calculator The live site is available here – https://zesa.keithro.se/

Docker | Asterisk 16

While working on another project, (Callcenter suite) – i built a relatively lightweight Asterisk 16 image which was being used as the base image for a series of ARI tests. I decided to release this to the open-source community, to try and motivate more people to start looking at using docker as a viable solution

Puppet & Chocolatey – Install GDrive Stream

Introduction Experimenting with Puppet & Chocolatey on Windows. Little snippet to install Google Drive Stream. class windows::google_drive_stream { Package { provider => 'chocolatey' } package { 'google-drive-file-stream': ensure => installed, } }