Strange issue with Kerio

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Hi All, I notice that as the cache on Kerio grows, some strange things start happening. Users started complaining that they kept being automatically logged into someone elses gmail or facebook. After digging around, it seems to be a problem with the kerio web cache. After clearing the cache contents for a ‘faulty’ domain, normal […]


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Been fiddling around on kerio today.. I must say im quite pleased with the way the kerio web filter handles time-based access lists. To do the same with clearOS required some modifications and scripting.

Kerio vs ClearOS

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I’m testing two well known firewall/web filter applications at the moment, Kerio Winroute Firewall and ClearOS. Kerio is commercial windows software, while ClearOS is free linux based software. I will post my findings later on in the week.. Wish me luck! 🙂