Linux SSH Daemon Brute Force Protection

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To effectively block an SSH Bruteforce, we need to slow down the rate  an attacker can connect to our SSH Server. Since most attacks are automated, the bots will likely give up after experiencing consistent timeouts after failing to login. The script below will block an IP if it connects to SSH more than 3 […]

Proxmox – Remove LVM local-data

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I’m  a big Proxmox fan, having deployed more than 20 systems both at customers and on my home lab this year without drama. However, the Proxmox LVM structure bugs the heck out of me. I prefer to utilize a single LVM Volume due to some weird glitches with LXC images and small root LVM partitions. […]

Postfix SMTP Sender Policy Routing

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Recently, I had need of setting up a postfix “smtp router” to distribute mail from various users among a cluster of outbound relays (on unique exit IP’s, with difference QoS policies applied) Part of the functionality that was desired was the ability to route “priority” users and “bulk” users via different cluster members. Step 1 […]


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Been fiddling around on kerio today.. I must say im quite pleased with the way the kerio web filter handles time-based access lists. To do the same with clearOS required some modifications and scripting.

Kerio vs ClearOS

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I’m testing two well known firewall/web filter applications at the moment, Kerio Winroute Firewall and ClearOS. Kerio is commercial windows software, while ClearOS is free linux based software. I will post my findings later on in the week.. Wish me luck! 🙂