Mikrotik Dirty Ad Filter

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Relatively easy to use adfilter on Mikrotik RouterOS. This list updates daily. Ensure you’re using the mikrotik as your local DNS server. adfilter.rsc /tool fetch url=https://keithro.se/s/adfilter.rsc dst-path=adfilter.rsc /import adfilter.rsc


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Hello, My name is Keith Rose and I’m a Zimbabwean IT Systems Engineer & overall geek. This site serves as both my digital CV and my ‘think pad’ :- where i share tips & tricks from my day to day experiences. Please feel free to become a subscriber if you find my works useful, and […]

New Adventures

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Today (March 31 2017) marked my last day with NITS Zimbabwe (www.nationalit.co.zw) It has been my pleasure serving you for the past 8 years and I am confident that you will continue to receive the utmost service and professionalism from NITS. I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve your needs and […]

ZOLPhone Balance & Usage Check script

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ZOL Zimbabwe operate a voip platform – HERE If you work with a number of DID’s, it quickly becomes tedious to login to the portal and check your online balance/usage. After a colleague sent me his perl script getting the balance off the CRM’s portal, i gave it a shot through bash. Here is the […]

Linux SSH Daemon Brute Force Protection

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To effectively block an SSH Bruteforce, we need to slow down the rate  an attacker can connect to our SSH Server. Since most attacks are automated, the bots will likely give up after experiencing consistent timeouts after failing to login. The script below will block an IP if it connects to SSH more than 3 […]

Proxmox – Remove LVM local-data

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I’m  a big Proxmox fan, having deployed more than 20 systems both at customers and on my home lab this year without drama. However, the Proxmox LVM structure bugs the heck out of me. I prefer to utilize a single LVM Volume due to some weird glitches with LXC images and small root LVM partitions. […]

Howto reset Mac OS X User Password

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Recently had to reset a password on a macbook. Here’s the TL;DR of it Hold Command + S on startup to get to single user mode. Wait for the root prompt. Enter the following commands. Replace ‘username’ with your account name. e.g Keith # mount -uw / # launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.opendirectoryd.plist # password username # […]