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Providing a Range of
Network & Security Solutions

This list of services is not exhaustive, if you have custom development work, application development requirements, scripting or complex network configurations required  please feel free to contact me on the form at the bottom of the page to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Network Automation Tools

Custom built solutions to automate configurations of a wide variety of network vendors. (Cisco, Mikrotik, Sophos)


Bulk Email Delivery Services

Managed e-mail services, with low cost bulk mail solutions able to cater for up to 10 Million messages/month.


Managed Security

Custom built security monitoring services, hosted in the cloud with automatic escalations & reporting.


Managed Servers

Outsourced Server & Systems, inclusive of patch & backup management.

About Me & Why I am
The Best For the Job

I am a versatile networks & systems engineer with a focus on improving day to day operations through automated solutions. Over the past ten years, I have acquired substantial experience in a wide array of fields – including Managed Services, Cloud Solutions, Extensive Management of Enterprise Networks & solutions in the carrier/ISP space.

My focus of late is improving operational efficiency through delivering automated solutions. The motto i follow is “Try not to do the same thing more than twice without automating it.”

Majority of my development work is split between Python, Node, Java & C# – although i have experience in many other languages.


My Work

My Recent Projects

WDT Konfigurator

  • Mikrotik Configuration Tool
  • Multi Language
  • SSH Retrieve/Push
  • C#

Asterisk B2BUA

  • Asterisk 16
  • Back to back User Agent
  • Centos 7 Based
  • Ansible Playbook

Posts & Articles

Docker | Asterisk 16

While working on another project, (Callcenter suite) - i built a relatively lightweight Asterisk 16 image which was being used as the base image for a series of ARI tests. I decided to release this to the open-source community, to try and motivate more people to start...

[Snippet] FreePBX – Strip Incoming Country Code

This short & simple dial-plan removes the 3 digit country code from incoming calls and then pushes it to our FPBX IVR. nano /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf After opening the above ^, modify and paste the below into the bottom of the file.Modify your SIP trunk...

Mikrotik Voltage Alarm/Beeper

I recently needed to make my routerboard generate an audible alarm based on voltage thresholds on the 12v battery wired directly to the RB2011. This script was a modification of something i found when perusing the Mikrotik forums.Change lowvoltage and highvoltage to...

Puppet & Chocolatey – Install GDrive Stream

Introduction Experimenting with Puppet & Chocolatey on Windows. Little snippet to install Google Drive Stream.       class windows::google_drive_stream { Package { provider => 'chocolatey' } package { 'google-drive-file-stream': ensure =>...

Postfix SMTP Sender Routing

Recently, I had need of setting up a postfix “smtp router” to distribute mail from various users among a cluster of outbound relays (on unique exit IP’s, with difference QoS policies applied) Part of the functionality that was desired was the ability to route...

Sophos XG – Irremovable Interfaces!

Occasionally, I’ve found interfaces on the Sophos XG firewall that won’t or can’t be removed. (Sometimes the name shows blank, with nothing in it) DISCLAIMER – THE STEPS BELOW WILL LIKELY VOID YOUR WARRANTY. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. #1 – SSH into the appliance with...

Proxmox – Remove local LVM

I’m  a big Proxmox fan, having deployed more than 20 systems both at customers and on my home lab this year without drama. However, the Proxmox LVM structure bugs the heck out of me. I prefer to utilize a single LVM Volume due to some weird glitches with LXC images...

Zimbra SASL Errors

If you’re observing errors on your Zimbra servers’ mail-log similar to the one below, and your users are reporting password prompts on ‘sending’ e-mails. Nov 24 17:12:07 areto postfix/smtpd[5528]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd...

FreePBX – Yealink Phonebook generator.

After deploying a few PBX’s, you get bored of manually generating the required XML for remote phonebooks on Yealink Handsets.Here’s the first version of the phonebook.xml creation script. (Works on FPBX without any hitches) Observe the notes in the code please. If...

Snippet – Nginx Wildcard Subdomain

[Snippet] Nginx Wildcard Subdomain - Unique subfolders This snippet works with Letsencrypt Wildcard certificates! Specify -d * to install the certificate when using certbot.     Insert into server block. Change to correct domain....

Keith’s grasp of core, intermediary, and advanced networking fundamentals is among a very small and elite group of highly capable people in Zimbabwe. He has a very accomplished grasp on the varied vendors in the networking landscape and is able to implement, troubleshoot, and manage the most technically advanced and complex of networks. I would highly recommend his skills and expertise if you’re anyone looking at intricate network layouts, implementations, and issues.

Kyle Basson - General Manager @ Ambrose Consulting

Keith is an intelligent IT professional whose technical skills are unparalleled. He just gets the work done – whether it is networking challenges, server challenges, software challenges – He is just a genius. He will fit in any environment and my experience with Keith is that he is sort of a worker who just excels – he get the results and when he arrives at the workstation – the work gets done – RESULTS. Full-stop! 

Hamadzashe Mudavose - Group IT Executive @ Colcom

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