PRTG Postfix Queues SSH Script

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Here is the script i created to output postfix queue statistics to PRTG via an advanced SSH Sensor. Copy it to /var/prtg/scriptsxml and chmod +x #!/usr/bin/env perl # postfix queue/s size # author: Keith Rose use strict; use warnings; use Symbol; sub count { my ($dir) = @_; my $dh = gensym(); my $c = […]

I’m back!

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Been a while since i last posted, been caught up in work & studies.. Recently started getting back into Development, C for the desktop applications & PHP for the web stuff.. Wasn’t as difficult as i first thought it would be…   Currently working on a simple mail server to help fully understand the SMTP […]

What Next?

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Triump International have designed a novelty bra that will make some people fall off their chairs. Have a look at these pictures Here is the article in google translate (Original Article is in japanese) Cnet news have an article about it as well.

Pidgin IM

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Pidgin is a free all-in-one IM software that has support for many different protocols. I mainly use MSN and Skype, but also occasionally get contacted on GTalk. Pidgin can support all three of these, which makes life a lot simpler. Instead of managing three different applications, i can use one. Not to mention its support […]

Strange issue with Kerio

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Hi All, I notice that as the cache on Kerio grows, some strange things start happening. Users started complaining that they kept being automatically logged into someone elses gmail or facebook. After digging around, it seems to be a problem with the kerio web cache. After clearing the cache contents for a ‘faulty’ domain, normal […]